Jump Starters

When you’ve got a dead battery, you don’t want to wait around for another vehicle to help you out. VECTOR’S jump starters offer quick, reliable starts without delay. Our units also offer a variety of power features for additional functionality.

700 PEAK Amp Jump Starter, 12V DC Power, USB Port, Rechargeable

A portable power solution, the J312V jumpstarts 4 & 6 cylinder vehicles and has a 12V DC outlet and a USB port for easy recharging.

800 PEAK Amp Jump Starter, 120 PSI Compressor, 3 USB Ports, Rechargeable

800 peak amp jump starter offers help when you need it with USB power, air or a jump start all in one dependable unit.

1200 Peak Amp Jump Starter, Dual Power Inverter, 120 PSI Air Compressor, USB Charging Port, Rechargeable

1200 peak amp jump starter helps you get AC or USB power, air and a jump start when and where you need it.

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